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​​The building is situated on top of a granite rock overlooking the man-made dam at a levels ranging between 112 and 116m above it.

The views and the drama of the granite cliff plunging into the dam are the inspiration for the concept, where the feeling of living within the rock is balanced with the 180˚ views to the East, North andWest. 

An oversized timber platform and two cantilevering roofs frame the exterior spaces and the panoramic views. The glass box below the roof define the main master living space while two clad granite boxes define the guest rooms and BOH.


Private House


LOCATION: East Africa

AREA: 1,500m2 / 16,500ft2


Winner of the RIBA International Award  2013
Executed by Ivan Lazzaroni when Director at Studio Seilern Architects
All images courtesy of Studio Seilern Architects
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