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Hanina gallery

Modern Art gallery


LOCATION: London, Uk

AREA: 75m2 / 807ft2



The gallery was conceived to host modern art paintings and sculpture from the post war period, between the years 1945 and the 70s.

The existing estate agents office was emptied and stripped back to its core exposing the original concrete beam and layout to make space for a white art container.

We proposed a full height window that would allow a clear and direct view from the high street outside and lead the visitor through the internal exhibition on a silver timber floor.

The new “box” is complete with an exhibition space, curator’s office and art store and a kitchenette and a toilet service area.
















I was introduced to Omnide through a recommendation and Ivan was responsible for the design and project management of my art gallery in Mayfair.


From the very first beautiful presentation of his creative proposals in the design process to the completion of the technical drawings and construction management I found him terrific. Working to a tight deadline without compromising quality, they methodically and efficiently dealt with everything, taking care not to overlook the smallest details, and achieving a very high standard.  Their problem solving and handling of the various contractors were exceptional.

Ivan has always been a great pleasure to work with, and made what can be a very stressful process thoroughly enjoyable, creating a beautiful space for my gallery.

"                        Yuval Hanina, owner



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