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​​Environmentally friendly solutions had to be considered during the design since the client aimed to have a house fully detached from the supply grid.

The floating design of the roof, which is arched like a bow and arrow, is made of timber lamellas and provides efficient shade for the house. Measuring 65m x 30m, it still allows good transparency and allows adequate light to filter through the building. Cables and timber trusses are attached to the floating lamellas which act as a support for the structure, creating a column-free spacebeneath, where inhabitants can socialiseand entertain.

The structure in its entirety will sit on a raised platform which is designed with the intention of providing the optimum view. Extensive views of the sea and beautifulgreen landscape can be viewed from thissocial area, and stairs provide access tothe house.

Lekky Beach

Private Holiday House


LOCATION: Lagos, Nigeria

AREA: 1,600m2 / 17,220ft2


Executed by Ivan Lazzaroni when Director at Studio Seilern Architects
All images courtesy of Studio Seilern Architects
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