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​​Manama Lagoon is destinated to redefine Bahrain's entire approach to its urban waterfronts. It is a consummate of high-end retail, residential, hotels, offices and leisure. The resulting scheme will prove to be irresistible lure for the citizens and guests of Manama and. Manama Lagoon celebrates the ornamental beauty of Arabian gardens and the quality of life that they bring. Centred upon a pentagonal harbour at the gateway to the capital, its 2,900 prestige apartments form a waterside community of secluded communal courtyards and verdant public parks. The waterfront’s array of bustling restaurants, retail, cafes and galleries create an inviting promenade for residents and guests. Embracing the exclusive marina, the two arms of residential and serviced apartments take their cues from the signature hotels that anchor the scheme. With a high-quality office component to complement the premium retail and leisure.

Manama Lagoon

Masterplan - Mixed used


LOCATION:  Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain

AREA: 440.000m2 4.7Mft2


Executed by Arzu Senel when Architect at Civic Arts
All images courtesy of Civic Arts
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