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The fashion designer Tomas Starzewski wanted the opportunity to open his first flag shop with a functional and at the same time glamorous boutique that would enhance his new collections.

The central runway is framed by a uniform poly carbonate enclosure that is translucent and allows the store to be lit without visible fixtures. Spotlights are used to focus upon key pieces.

The uniformity and lightness of the material create a uniform, subtle background that emphasises the craftsmanship of the clothing. At night, when the shop is closed, the interior is left in complete darkness with spotlights illuminating each mannequin in a theatrical manner.


Shop and laboratory


LOCATION: Pimlico, London, UK

AREA: 160m2 / 1,720ft2


Executed by Ivan Lazzaroni when project architect at Studio Seilern Architects
All images courtesy of Studio Seilern Architects
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