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​​The Atlas Building is a flexible structure, perfectly suited to its current purpose and also prepared for change. The building’s precast concrete latticework doubles as a structural exoskeleton and renders it almost entirely column free. The application of a cube-shaped structure with central atrium maximizes floor use and creates a spacious perambulatory atmosphere without the loss of interior square footage. The dramatic 98-yard-long (89.6-meter) entrance ramp leads pedestrian traffic from campus pathways to the building’s main level. A vast skylit atrium encourages the creation of an interactive environment, invigorated through a series of pedestrian bridges that join the floor levels and functions.

Atlas Building

Wageningen University

and research centre


LOCATION:  Wageningen, The Netherlands

AREA: 9753 m2 / 104980 ft2


Executed by Arzu Senel at Rafael Vinoly Architects
All images courtesy of Rafael Vinoly Architects
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