Hill Street Office

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Structural Engineer
Clancy Consulting


OmniDe did the project management of the Hill Street office which includes the full fitting out of office accomodation at 4th floor level and reconfiguration of layout and new services to existing office space in existing commercial building.

Stylish Office In Mayfair

The overall creamy white coloured interior creates a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere in the office design. The pending lights and wall lights has enhanced the overall aesthestic and nicely collaborated with spotlights

Professional Physical Model Making

Parco Teulada is a community driven open project that evolves in response to the local community’s input. The vision of OmniDe for the project is to transform it into a self-sustaining environmentally friendly park with temporary spaces such as exhibition halls and sculpture areas that are designed to be constantly evolving in response to the community’s needs as well as being self-sufficient in energy. Although the site is located next to a natural reserve, the surrounding area features dense and rich infrastructure which lacks in public green spaces. The park will act as an extension to the nearby natural reserve and promote an area where the locals can connect with the natural environment, as well as creating a strong point of interest to invite people from all over the city